Toastmasters Tools, Useful Documents, Resources

  1. Link to Effective Evaluation Tips and Techniques ¬†from Toastmasters International (opens in new tab or window) … Toastmasters used to give this in a booklet form for long time, now it is made available in digital format. Very useful when you are learning how to give evaluations, or simply looking into getting a fresh perspective after giving evaluations for a while.
  2. Handout with technique, ideas to strike direct, personal connection with the speaker while giving evaluation: what to use, what to avoid, how to make it constructive and supportive, etc. Click here to access this one page .PDF handout (it opens in new window/tab).
  3. Guide from Toastmasters International about all different roles at toastmasters. This is very well done and covers every role at the meeting. Click here to get it (opens in new window/tab).
  4. Pathways Experience document from Charlotte Drake Рthis is very well done guideline to understand how to navigate around in the Toastmasters Pathways portal. If you have questions about how to use Pathways, this can be a very good resource for you. Click here to get the document (opens in new window/tab).